How did we get into this real estate business?

 How did we get into this real estate business? What are the options available?

real estate business

Yes, we are developing our careers and we have to earn our livelihood. And in that case, how can  we move forward?  We are discussing most of the information about  India's real estate. Which is useful for students and people who are just starting a career. By targeting those people.

This is one of the biggest parts  of financial literacy and the biggest opportunity to generate wealth. None of the other businesses will give you double or triple the amount of your money instantly. It takes a lot of time. But in the world of real estate, patience is a virtue by which you can earn five times or more of your investment.

So get right into the video:  Real Estate in India If you say, "What is real estate ? " then Word, Real Estate : Which is real and physical (can be touched) and always at the same place. Money, it's also wealth, isn't it?

But the money  could be transferred or carried. Every aspect of this real estate is based on land. So, land, or any activities on land that add value to it. Conclusively, those can  all be called real estate. For example, Land business: real estate Buildings to be constructed on land, also known as real estate. Renting or leasing such buildings is also real estate. Selling the entire building is also real estate. isn't it?

So, whatever business that you are doing, which is physical and related to land. It all comes under Real Estate. So, this business is the most prosperous business in the world and the chances of loss in it are very less because we can't generate land. It's not infinite. It is finite cause we can't create lands

But the human population increases gradually So, as the population increases, real estate will always be in demand due to a necessity for both houses and workplaces. The majority of millionaires in the world are created in this industry. Therefore, if you examine the portfolio or investments of any millionaire or billionaire Without a doubt, you will see real estate.

Because of it,  most people become millionaires or billionaires overnight. We observe, The top ten richest persons  are constantly in flux. It is based on valuation. Most of the things used to determine valuation are: real estate properties and stocks.

Real estate always accounts for most of people's wealth, despite fluctuating stock prices. Real estate and business ways in other countries and Nepal differ slightly. Some foreign governments  have governing bodies. Nothing of the sort has yet  been established in Nepal.

Hopefully, this budget states that you must work as a legally licensed agent if you wish to work in real estate. You must have an office. You must be registered. Until now, no one could do this. So, the regulating body, for example, SEBON is responsible for overseeing the stock market. In the same way, banks have  Nepal Rastra Bank. But a real estate regulatory body  doesn't exist. But in other nations, this tendency is well-organized. Behind it, the majority of people's lucrative jobs are in real estate.

And, a lot of Nepali who reside abroad make a good income working in real estate. In the scenario of India, practically till today, real estate means, in simpler terms, this is also brokerage. Many people here may call it a commission or  brokerage Language variations may occur.

But they are called: Dallas (Brokers), Real Estate agents, Commissioner, or Realtors Although each of these languages is different, they all work on commission. which is also called brokerage, trading in real estate. Builders and dealers are different in other nations. Dealers buy apartments or spaces from builders and sell them separately