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Highest return investment plan in India.

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    Safe investments with high returns 2022 Guide-line

    Now this phenomenon has been wonderfully captured by Mr. Warren Buffett in one of his quotes.

    'And it goes something like this, that when the motion in the stock market or the activity in the stock market increases, your wealth goes down.'

    Why does that happen? Think about it. There are very important lessons here. So the reason, number one is that when you hire a financial adviser, then you would have to pay them commissions.

    Where to invest money to get good returns

    Your financial advisor might trade stocks on your behalf. So every time he or she buys or sells a security, then you will have to pay taxes to the government GTT STT whatnot there might be performance fees also.

    So the bottom line is that more activity that is done in the stock market, the more your portfolio shrinks this is a very important lesson, especially for salaried employees, especially for newcomers in the stock market who think that everyone is making money.

    Best place to invest money right now

    So let me buy like more stocks and let me keep on trading it.

    Let me do day trading. Also, let me do like swing. Also let me do like futures and options. Also, if you keep on doing everything, you're not going to make
    money in anything.

    That is the simple message that Mr. Warren Buffett was trying to give through this story. Now, how does this apply to us?

    This applies to us in a very concrete way because if you are making a salary of,
    let's say Rs50,000 and we don't know enough about investing then we end up doing really fancy stuff.

    For example, we will go and buy random stocks or we will go and invest in like 50 different mutual funds. And that is not a good practice.

    Best investments for 2022 for beginners

    What you should be doing with a salary of Rs50,000, how to invest it, especially when you don't know much about stock markets.

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    So let us start discussing those five points. Point number one is that if you are getting a salary of, let's say Rs50,000, and if you don't know much about stock market, then you should invest 20% of that money in the bond market.